COM-UNITY is s way
of life and substance, a lifestyle that keeps up with the times;
a different residential environment, the kind that
does not end at your doorstep.
We believe this is the answer for those of us who are looking for a new way of life
that provides meaning, culture, community, and countless new experiences.
Those who are ready to forge ahead.

Introducing the new audio system that changes the way children listen to stories and music – it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Intuitive like child’s play, the easy-to-use Toniebox is perfect for all children from the age of three who want to listen, learn and laugh where- and whenever they feel like it.

The Ultimate Control Center –
Manage all your open source apps from one easy-to-use dashboard. From updates to backups and security, Stacksight will allow you to solve problems faster, reduce troubleshooting time and avoid the constant juggling between different plug-ins and tools.

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