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Com-Unity is home for individuals sharing spaces and enjoying life – together. The concept is simple, a residential experience that combines the privacy and comfort of your own home with shared public spaces uniquely designed to support a holistic lifestyle.

What you'll get?

Our Spaces

Our Com-unal spaces create a platform for the community members to share thoughts, abilities, ideas, to create and prosper, each in his line of work.

Events at Com-Unity

Our events range from rooftop nights hosting up-to-date live music shows and local taste-makers to workshops, yoga, and meditation sessions– creating the perfect atmosphere for gathering and enriching our member's experience with new and exciting ideas.

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The Neighborhood

Located between Jaffa and Neve Tzedek, Florentin is today the city’s trendiest neighbourhood. The area, best known for its bohemianism, retains its gritty, artistic edge, but also houses a new wave of boutique venues, from tattoo parlours to art galleries. the neighbourhood is even more popular at night, with bars and nightclubs that stay open until the early hours.

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To fully experience the COM-UNITY lifestyle we encourage longer stays of 30 days and more (we give a discounted prices for longer stays). Leave us your details here and we'll get back at ya!

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